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Judges' of the Competition                

Most Agricultural Society and County Fair type Shows are principally aimed at helping 'the (wo)man on the land' achieve better results with his/her stock herds and crops. The cattle, sheep, chooks, rice, barley - and wines - are judged by the entrant's peers. Wine is of course a primary industry and these wine shows are usually judged by technical judges, other winemakers.

Sydney International Wine Competition is principally aimed at helping wine consumers make more pleasing wine choices for their dining table. As such, we tend to favour including at least an equal number of 'Style' judges in our Panels. Style judges are expected to look beyond the technical aspects of how the grapes were grown and the winemaking processes to envisage how the wine will complement appropriate food. To avoid risk of bias from "cellar palate", our judges are drawn not only from various Australian States but also from New Zealand, Europe, the US, and occasionally other export markets.



Judges' Reflections on the 2018 Competition

Each year a few of our judges write their Reflections on the Sydney International they have just judged.

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